Valentin Raban Rupprecht, a 25-year-old composer, pianist, producer and content creator from Berlin, Germany, has been playing the piano ever since he was 5 years old. He started his journey by taking classical piano lessons until he lost interest in practicing at the age of 16. His passion for composition emerged two years later, as he also decided to take lessons again for a brief period of time. Further, he continued to enter the sphere of music production at the age of 20.

After releasing his first EP "Les Fantasmes" just for fun in 2017, Raban took his first ambitious attempt as a musician early in 2020 with his debut album "Inside Someone's Mind".

Experimenting with other genres and gaining experience as a producer for the following two yers culminated in finding his way back to piano music in 2022. Various single releases such as "Aura" and "Sunflower Field" as well as his second EP later that year "When leaves change their colour" followed.

He published his first Tiktok videos in 2022, gaining a lot of recognition for his piece "Escape". This upswing was followed by various "viral" cover videos which led to his current following of 1M+ across platforms and by the end of 2023 he would release his second album "heartfelt".

Having published every piece of music independently up to this point, he went on to release his first single "Solitude" in cooperation with the rising label for neoclassical music "Aemeralds" early in 2024.